HomePRO Existing (New to You) Home Protection Plan Details

HomePRO Existing home waranty


HomePRO Warranty Protection… Flexible Plan Options to Fit Your Needs!

Whether your home is a year old or decades old, budgeting for those inevitable, unexpected repairs is always a good idea!  Don’t get caught scrambling for the right service provider when something breaks down!  With HomePRO Warranty Protection, YOU are in control. YOU choose the coverage and a vetted, experienced repair person is only a phone call away.  HomePRO... providing YOU confidence when YOU need it most!

Coverage Details 

The HomePRO Warranty Protection Plans safeguard your home’s products against mechanical failure and normal wear each year you enroll in the program. Payments may be made as a single payment or on a monthly basis, directly by clicking here, or through our valued home services partner network. The plans include a $75 service fee (deductible) due at the time of scheduling for each service call under the plans. 

Covered Products     

Plan options include the Appliances Only Plan, the Systems Only Plan, or a comprehensive Combo Coverage whole-home protection plan for both Appliances and Systems.  You may even add coverage on individual items specific to your home. Click here to see the full description of these options. The plan you purchase will be reflected in the Terms and Conditions sent to you after your purchase. A sample may be found here.

Choose the Plan that is right for you! It’s flexible home protection you can count on!  

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COMING SOON: Optional coverage on individual products, listed below, will be available to add on to any Base Plan.

HomePRO existing home coverage_2


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Appliance Only Plan

From your kitchen appliances to the laundry room washer and dryer, all of your major appliances are covered against breakdowns and mechanical failure.


System Only Plan 

Systems coverage protects your home's critical components.  From your hot water heater, to your HVAC, electrical and plumbing, this plan protects your family’s comfort.


Combo Coverage Plan

Combo coverage is the ultimate comprehensive plan! Whether it is an appliance, HVAC, plumbing or electrical, our experts will repair mechanical failures.

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